October 28, 2009

How's that civility workin' out for 'ya, lefties? Part II

Over at our LGOMB the aptly named "Unstable" Isotope thought he/she had something with which to "nail" Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. Turns out he/she didn't. So, how does U.I. correct the post?

"Scalia is still a scumbag but it appears he was misquoted."

"Still a scumbag," huh? Yet again, another example of "progressive" hypocrisy regarding "civility." Why, pray tell, is Scalia a scumbag? Because he has a different political and judicial philosophy than you, moonbat?

And unfortunately, it seems former DE Watch guy Dana Garrett fell for the LGOMB's post:

This is what “conservative” jurisprudence results in: a segregated society that disenfranchises minorities. Justice Scalia is a throwback to an awful period in US history.

Sorry you got sucked in there, Dana.

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