October 26, 2009

Guest post: Paul Falkowski

In response to "Straight Talk with Charles Potter, Jr. and Company" which had as its summary for yesterday's program (courtesy Kilroy):

"Straight Talk with Charles Potter, Jr. and Company" -- Comcast Channel 28, 2-4 p.m. Sunday, October 23 [sic]

As we look at the performance of Wilmington students in our schools under desegregation, it is time to consider the need for a Wilmington school district.


  • Wilmington students ride buses for a longer time each day and for more years than suburban students.
  • Dropout rates among African-American and Latino students exceed 40%.
  • While we must have safe schools, the smallest transgressions by even the youngest students lead to expulsion or placement in alternative schools.
  • Too many parents are disconnected from our communities, their children and the responsibility to participate in civic life. This contributes to our failures in our schools and communities.

This Sunday, October 25, Straight Talk will be devoted to the next stage of a community discussion on the state of education for Wilmington children. Our panelists, who will consist of elected officials and members of the community, will touch on these and other topics.

Keep supporting the same old people, keep getting the same old results.

George Evans is the Board Chair for the Christina SD. Over 20 years. His term is up next year. Time for elections.

I live in Evans SD electoral district. If I get multicultural support, I can take over this seat. Paul Falkowski, although you hate his guts, will change the district, its attitude and its rules. For the better. ALL I have ever done is to help people. There are no examples of any discriminatory actions in my record.

Paul would challenge the Wilmington community to produce successful students at all levels. I would reward effort, discipline, and proper behavior. For students with attitude problems that are negative to learning, I would establish classes on life skills to succeed, to become self-sufficient and to build self-respect of the person themselves, through encouragement and their own work and their production of positive accomplishments.

Has anyone in the schools or in community centers or in the home instructed students why they need to get an education? It is time to stop subsidizing failure and to start demanding equal success for equal work and effort.

It is the teachers' job to teach, It is the students job to LEARN. Anything else is CHEATING everyone. It is the parents' job to nurture and to be supportive. The parent is limited by their own education levels. It's time to TEACH the parents in a massive effort of day and night schools in every extra classroom,
community centers and other public facilities like health clinics, in the city. The parents can and should bring their children with them to the adult classes.

We can not abandon the generations of young adults while we try to raise the children of today. Those children will be influenced by these previous generations, to continue the culture of violence and educational failure. BUT if we grab the young adults and the young parents, and initiate an adult school for them, we can start the turnaround overnight. And these young adults will be a positive example, NOW.

Politics and politicians, always seem to support each other in a comfy little clique. No wonder things never get done. The fix is in, and under the table politics prevents new initiatives and always compromise to settle for the status quo.

AND in Wilmington, the status quo for 20 plus years is one of FAILURE.

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I'm confused.

Hube, are you running for school board?

Posted by: annoni at October 27, 2009 05:00 PM

The title: Guest post: Paul Falkowski. ;-)

Posted by: Hube at October 27, 2009 07:55 PM

It reads like Kilroy wrote it. (yes, that's an insult)

I recomend he add an editor to his campaign team.

Great campaign slogan though:

Falkoski, you hate his guts, but vote for him anyway.

Posted by: annoni at October 30, 2009 05:24 PM

Add another quote.

"Education is the Anti-DOPE"

"A Teachers job is to Teach,
A Students job is to Learn."
We seem to forget that students are responsible for a significant part of the process. Without their participation there is no Education.

I'm Honest.
People seem to vote the way their friends tell them to vote. Wilmington has seen 20 years of Declining Education and Increasing Violence especially in my old neighborhood of Browntown-Hedgeville. 20 years ago, VIOLENCE was RARE there. Now it is routine. Paul Falkowski

Vote for the same old guys, get the same continued decline.

Posted by: Paul at October 30, 2009 06:38 PM

You did seem to understand what I wrote.
That is what counts today.

There are too many politicians practiced in saying nothing specific. And too many people that believe they heard what they want to hear.

We need to get the Young adults and young parents BACK into school, so they will be a positive example, and so that they can instruct their siblings and children.
We can not abandon the middle generation, and think that we can only start with the pre school children.

Address the issue, and leave the insults for someone who says that insults reflect on YOUR character, and not mine.


Posted by: Paul at October 30, 2009 06:45 PM

Address the issue. The insults reflect on YOUR character, not mine.

Posted by: Paul at October 30, 2009 06:48 PM