October 24, 2009

Comment rescue: Our 'ol buddy Perry

That Energizer Bunny analogue Perry, hypocrite extraordinaire who floods local blogs with the same comment themes on a daily basis ("What's your solution?" "You're an extremist!" "Obama has said ..." etc.) has really done up a whopper this time. Here he is at Common Sense Political Thought on what Fox News "represents":

In my view, this is tantamount to an insurgency, a revolution, a coup. This is not the American/Constitutional way to change an elected government! Obama is your President too.

Wow! Because one of Fox's opinionators supposedly "predicted last week that he will soon 'take the administration down'?" Does Perry honestly believe that this talking head was literally serious? Or, was he speaking metaphorically about an upcoming report on [yet] another of Obama's minions?

I wonder if Woodward and Bernstein posited that they'd "bring the administration down" in the early 70s. If they did, according to Perry, that was "tantamount to an insurgency, a revolution, a coup." Yes, that's right. Because up till that time, Tricky Dick didn't have any legal proof against him.

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Funny, I seem to recall Perry as being one of the "not my president" crew during the Bush Administration.

Posted by: Rhymes With Right at October 24, 2009 11:26 AM

has anyone determined who's payroll Perry the professional commenter is on?

Is he a DNC staffer on loan to the Delaware Democrat Party?

Is he working for a Soros, Move-on front group?

Is he part of the Holder DOJ blogging crew?

Posted by: annoni at October 25, 2009 01:55 PM