October 22, 2009

"Not losing sleep"

The Messiah, trying to fool us again. Regarding Fox News:

Well, no, I think that what our advisers have simply said is that we are going to take the media as it comes. And if media is operating basically as a talk-radio format, then that's one thing, and if it's operating as a news outlet, then that's another. But it's not something I'm losing a lot of sleep over.

Uh huh, right. That's why you and your minions are out there at every opportunity slamming Fox as a "faux" news outlet. While, at the same, entertaining pundits from that "other" network that "is operating basically as a talk-radio format," Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow.

UPDATE: Looks like there were more moonbats than just Keithy and Raytch with The Messiah.

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