October 15, 2009

The race deck is all trump cards

Mark Steyn nails it oh-so- perfectly:

Step One: You can't say that. It's racist.

So you don't. Next:

Step Two: You're using "code language".

As I always say, "code language" is code language for "Iím inventing what you really meant to say because the actual quote doesnít quite do the job for me." Still, you steer clear of "code language." So then:

Step Three: We'll just concoct it out of whole cloth, and, after running for a week with "Slavery Advocate Wants Medal of Honor for MLK Killer", our fact-checkers will confirm the accuracy of that statement by citing something you said about Donovan McNabb or Obama's economic policy. Close enough.

As I said, right on the money.

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