October 08, 2009

Once again, our moonbats at the LGOMB

Unstable Isotope over at our LGOMB gets punked himself based on obviously faulty info:

Conservative bloggers are so silly. They got punked by Bill Ayers (as proved by our very own troll, RICO, in yesterday’s Open Thread).

Apparently a whole bunch of conservative bloggers breathlessly linked to this the most prominent being affirmative action wingnut welfare baby Jonah Goldberg (author of Liberal Fascism). Hint, hint conservatives – it’s called sarcasm.

Goldberg did indeed link to the story yesterday (as did I), but was he "punked?" Hardly. Here's Goldberg's first post about it at the National Review blog The Corner:

I am not sure what to make of the story that Ayers has now admitted to writing Obama's autobiography. If it pans out, that is to my mind a very big story.

Later that day Goldberg posted that "It sounds like Ayers is jerking some chains," and copies a statement from National Journal which indicates that Ayers was messing around.

I myself expressed skepticism in my first (and only) post on the matter: "If true, it wouldn't surprise me one bit. But IMO, I think Ayers was just f'in with the blogger."

A logical and sound mind (aka an "anti-moonbat" mind) can easily pick up that Goldberg expressed a degree of skepticism about Ayers at the onset, and then almost 100% as he -- wait for it -- followed up on the matter.

So, who's trying to score cheap points again, hmm? (Oh yeah -- and if Goldberg is an "affirmative action wingnut welfare baby," what exactly does that make someone like Arianna Huffington, nutjobs?)

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I figured it was crap, which is why i didn't bother writing on it in the first place.

And as for what that makes Arianna Huffington -- shall we try "semi-talented fag-hag hooker with a cheesy accent"?

Posted by: Rhymes With Right at October 8, 2009 06:57 PM

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