October 05, 2009

Dopey WNJ Letter of the Week

David Thomas doesn't like the fact that Israel has nuclear weapons, and thinks it's wrong for the country to complain about others -- like Iran -- who want them:

A recent new report states that for years, Israel has warned that Iran was not being honest about the size and nature of its nuclear program. Really? Because this is an example of Israeli hypocrisy to a degree that is staggering to my imagination and should appall the conscience of the international community. The state of Israel itself has a stockpile of nuclear weapons that it refuses to allow inspection of. It refuses to even declare that it has nuclear weapons.

What is staggering is the degree of moral relativism that Thomas possesses, on par with that most staggering of hypocrites, [former] serial commenter Perry.

1) Why would Israel even consider allowing "international" inspectors inside its borders when the "international" community continually, and appallingly, criticizes the tiny nation for daring to survive and to defend itself. 2) What is it about Thomas and other Israel critics that they fail to understand that all the tiny wants to do is to be alone and live in peace? The country, itself a creation of the UN (which has since been its most vocal critic), has been under constant assault since its inception as a nation. Three major wars (1948, 1967, 1973) and constant terrorism? And the [Muslim] countries that surround it constantly evoking doomsday terminology when mentioning the Jewish state?

Not only that, Israel has refused to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which is specifically designed to stop the spread of nuclear weapons. Iran has signed it. But Israel has refused.

Funny, that. Israel thus is not breaking any treaty, whereas Iran clearly is.

And Israel wants to point fingers at Iran? Why the double standard? And why does our president, who claims to believe in fairness for all, take part in this deplorable policy?

Why the double standard? Maybe it's because double standards are applied against Israel all the time. "Fairness," in a better world, would NOT permit a country to acquire nuclear weapons if it constantly threatened the destruction of another country merely because its main religion was different from their own. "Fairness" would understand the morality of the perpetual (but never helpless) victim possessing nuclear weapons as a deterrent to its annihilation. Annihilation from regimes that, again, constantly espouse such, and who have demonstrated the insanity to actually make use of such WMD if they come to have them.

He is bowing down to pressure from the Israel lobby and by doing so, he damages Americas credibility with our allies and enemies alike. We can't expect one standard of behavior from Iran and turn a blind eye to even worse from Israel and expect to be taken seriously.

Ah yes, the 'ol invocation of the "Israel lobby." I think we know what that ultimately boils down to with most folks ...

I wonder if Mr. Thomas would be so concerned about double standards if Israel continually threatened to "wipe [Iran] off the map"? What about that double standard, you pathetic moral relativist?

Excuse me now while I go hurl.

UPDATE: Jim Geraghty highlights Fareed Zakaria's myopia, which is similar to that of Thomas:

Fareed Zakaria's latest cover piece assures us that the Obama administration is handling Iran properly. His piece is entitled, "After Iran Gets the Bomb . . . The World Won't End."


The country does not yet have even one nuclear weapon, and if and when it gets one something that is far from certain the world will not end. The Middle East has been home to nuclear weapons for decades. If Israel's estimated arsenal of 200 warheads, including a "second-strike capacity," has not prompted Egypt to develop its own nukes, it's not clear that one Iranian bomb would do so.

You know, if Israel's leader talked about green auras and world leaders not blinking in his presence, and if they chanted "death to," well, anybody every Friday, and if they talked about wiping other countries off the map, and if their regime used children to clear minefields, I'd be worried about them, too.

(My emphasis above.) To which I say to Geraghty: Precisely.

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