September 26, 2009

Our foreign policy "experts"

Via Media Blog:

[Biden said] Iran a key concern for the United States was not a threat.

"I think we are fully capable and secure dealing with any present or future potential Iranian threat," he told CNN's Chris Lawrence in Baghdad, where he is on a brief trip.

"The whole purpose of this exercise we are undertaking is to diminish the prospect of the Iranians destabilizing that region in the world. I am less concerned much less concerned about the Iranian potential. They have no potential at this moment, they have no capacity to launch a missile at the United States of America," he said.

That was a mere eight days ago when the admin. announced its plans to scrap the missile defense shield in Eastern Europe.

Now yesterday:

President Obama and the leaders of France and Britain blasted Iran's construction of a previously unacknowledged uranium enrichment facility and demanded Friday that Tehran immediately fulfill its obligations under international law or risk the imposition of harsh new sanctions.

The new Iranian plant, the country's second uranium enrichment facility, is believed by U.S. officials to be part of a broad effort by Iran's leadership to pursue the ability to build nuclear weapons. Iran has repeatedly denied having any such goal, insisting that its nuclear program is aimed at generating electricity. U.S. officials said they believe the Qom plant is not yet operational but is intended to produce highly enriched uranium suitable for nuclear weapons and will be capable within months of producing enough material for at least one bomb per year.

And when was the Obama administration informed of this secret, second, Iranian processing facility? During the presidential transition. (For you thick-domed types, that means before Obama's inauguration.)

Media Blog's Guy Benson asks: "Astonishingly incompetent, perilously naive, or deliberately dishonest?" My guess is all three, but an emphasis on the second.

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I believe the operable and HISTORIC question here is "What did he know, and when did he know it?"

Do we really want to be lied to, repeatedly?

Posted by: Paul at September 26, 2009 12:19 PM

I know nothing about our ability to detect the movement of nuclear devices w/ satelites or by other means...

that said, the Iranian's don't need an ICBM to hit us with a nuke, they can load it onto a tanker or freighter or Airliner and sail or fly it to us.

Posted by: anonni at September 27, 2009 06:51 PM

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