September 24, 2009

Why Netanyahu is a leader

His response to CNN's Wolf Blitzer is spot-on:

BLITZER: If there is a trial at the International Court and the accusation is that Israel committed war crimes, or crimes against humanity in Gaza, will you cooperate with that?

NETANYAHU: Well, the question is, will any serious country cooperate with it?

I took note of the fact that the leading democracies that were in this U.N. commission, they opposed this. They were against this mandate, because it looked like a kangaroo court in the first place, where Israel was basically hanged, drawn, and quartered morally and given an unfair trial to boot right at the start of these proceedings.

I think this is wrong. But understand this. Itís not only we who will be damaged. Itís you, too. I mean, American pilots, NATO pilots, let alone Russia and other countries that are fighting terrorists, are going to be put on the dock, too, because itís said that you cannot fight terrorists.

It means that all the terrorists have to do is put themselves in a residential quarter, and they receive immunity. And thatís not something that any country fighting terrorism can accept. And I donít think you can accept it either.

Got that right, sir.

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after seeing the pathetic performance of wolf biltzer on jeopardy, a performance that underscored mr. blitzer's complete lack of intellectual skills, i am not surprised by such an inane, dumbshit question.

Posted by: billy at September 25, 2009 11:05 PM

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