September 22, 2009

More on Obama's ridiculous foreign policy

Man, you thought George W. Bush's foreign policy was nuts? Jennifer Rubin at Commentary writes regarding the current US position on Honduras:

So the Obama team is insisting on the return of the man no institution in this democratic country supports – and that position only emboldened that same unpopular figure to return. Nice work. And now that he has returned, will the Obama administration give up its bizarrely stubborn position that no new election can be recognized because that same unpopular figure isn’t back in power? And he isn’t in power, you will recall, because the supreme court and legislature, with the backing of the military, acted in defense of their constitution.

This is Alice-in-Wonderland “diplomacy”–making things worse and more difficult for a U.S. ally while bolstering Hugo Chavez’s ally. Actually, it’s just gross incompetence, which is becoming pretty much par for the course for the Obama foreign-policy wrecking crew.

I didn't want to believe those on the right who were clamoring that Obama is just a big American apologist. It's certainly right to acknowledge the past wrongs of the US, but being nice to states like Iran, Cuba and Venezuela while being tough on countries like Honduras and Israel is just, well, nuts. Yes, the US doesn't have a stellar history in Latin America with its interventions there. But simply saying that the current Honduras government is a product of a "military coup" completely ignores the reality there -- that President Zelaya was ousted by the military only because he refused to vacate office after he blatantly defied [Honduran] congressional and supreme court ultimatums. By the Obama administration trying to instill in people's minds the spectre of Cold War-era military coups that were staples in Latin America during the 50s through the 80s, it's being totally and completely dishonest.

I really can't figure out why. Is it because Zelaya is a leftist? And with regards to Iran, we'll actually sit down and talk with them -- despite their blatant election fraud? Despite their continued support for insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan? Despite their continued nuclear program? Despite its president -- again -- denying the Holocaust and saying that basically it's "an excuse" for Israel to continue its "atrocities?" All this ... while Obama lectures Israel on its settlements in the West Bank? While one of Obama's advisers says that the US should shoot down Israeli jets if they fly over Iraqi airpsace en route to an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities?

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Obama is not a big, brilliant thinker. His mind is very ordinary and he may be less curious than Geo Bush. Obama thinks he knows everything, believes everytyhing he believed in college and evrything he heard from far left and black radicals.

So, Obama is a hater. In general, Obama hates everything I love.

Posted by: AJ Lynch at September 22, 2009 05:42 PM

Brazil accuses Chávez of orchestrating Zelaya's return to Honduras

El Vocero de Puerto Rico (Spanish-language article) ^ | September 24, 2009 | EFE
(English-language translation) Sao Paulo - High-level officials with the Brazilian government are accusing Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez of "orchestrating" the plan for the return of deposed Honduran leader Manuel Zelaya, who is sheltered at the Brazilian Embassy, the local press reports. Advisors to Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and the Foreign Ministry interviewed by Sao Paulo newspaper O Estado pointed out that the "infrastructure, the logistics, and the advice to specifically seek the Brazilian Embassy" for Zelaya's clandestine return were prepared by Chávez. Zelaya's unexpected bursting into Brazil's diplomatic legation has caused an unprecedented and hard-to-resolve conflict, since...

Posted by: anonni at September 25, 2009 10:09 AM