September 10, 2009

Oh gee -- the moonbats are outraged about Rep. Wilson

And, unfortunately, a former GOPer -- RSmitty -- used the willing forum given him by our LGOMB to rant about it.

It was laughably predictable that the LGOMB would get all self-righteously indignant about ONE Republican representative yelling "liar" when President Obama said his healthcare plan (remember though -- he doesn't even have a plan out there yet!) would not cover illegal aliens.* But RSmitty ... using the LGOMB to likewise get self-righteous? That's a real shame.

Hey 'bats -- I'm curious. What did you think of this:

Oh gosh -- was that Democrats ... booing over what THE PRESIDENT is saying in his speech? How disrespectful! How rude! How awful! And that wasn't just one guy (who apologized profusely later, by the way) like Rep. Wilson last night. Yet, our MSM is covering this like it was political Armageddon, and as if the precedent hadn't already been set -- by the Democrats above. And cripes -- just imagine if this was Britain. There, the prime minister gets a LOT worse than that ... something our own president (of either party) would never subject himself to.

The next question is, when will Rep. Wilson be accused of racism?

Reason #9765 (a better number, Paul?) why the LGOMB has the cranial capacity of a beetle. And Smitty? You're a joke now, too.

* Democrats voted down -- on party lines -- [GOP-offered] amendments that would have required verification of residency status before receiving any [healthcare] benefits. So, although Obama wasn't outright lying as Wilson accused him of, he certainly wasn't being completely truthful.

UPDATE: More: Harry Reid called GW Bush a liar; Bush booed by Obama supporters at Obama inauguration.

UPDATE 2: The local insanity continues, courtesy of Delaware "Round Up All Republicans And Shoot 'Em" Dem.

UPDATE 3: LOL! Remember above where I asked, "The next question is, when will Rep. Wilson be accused of racism?" MSNBC is always happy to oblige.

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