September 02, 2009

Costa Rica prez fears probably unfounded

I've spoken with numerous Ticos -- Costa Ricans -- since my post about Costa Rican President Oscar Arias supposedly wanting to take a page out of Hugo Chávez's playbook. And the result? They didn't know what I was talking about. They've heard nothing of the sort.

One friend said that she read Arias desired to streamline rules for [private] businesses which, if anything, makes Arias seems more like an anti-Chávez. This seems to jibe with what the Costa Rican English-language Tico Times noted:

Following in the footsteps of leftist presidents throughout Latin America whom he has criticised, Costa Rican President Oscar Arias is proposing a constitutional reform. However, his idea is being pitched from the other end of the political spectrum: in the language of promoting free markets and entrepreneurship.

To Arias, “excessive controls” on the executive branch impede “vital projects” from coming to fruition.

“Reforming this situation will be the great challenge of Costa Rica in the coming years,” he said to an audience at the Legislative Assembly on Wednesday night. “We cannot afford to continue tireless debate on the reforms our country needs…. A restricted state, bloated and unable to execute its decisions, violates the public interest just as much as a state that abuses its power.”

A constituent assembly would work to address excessive regulations, he said, promoting action and implementation over heightened control.

“To the extent that we remain a country of controllers, not entrepreneurs, I see it very difficult to reach our goals, whatever they are,” Arias said.

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