September 02, 2009

Irony is a b**ch

Delaware Dem over at our LGOMB (Local Gaggle of Moonbat Bloggers):

I hope that God strikes Barack Obama with brain cancer so he can die like Ted Kennedy and I hope it happens today, [Baptist Pastor Steve Anderson] told MyFOXPhoenix on Sunday...

As I said, we live in a violent world. Even a supposed Man of God, a preacher, a Christian, hopes for the death of those he opposes politically. And not just any death. A horrible painful death of brain cancer.

There is no wonder why cops are being killed. There is no wonder why random killings happen all. the. time. I mean, even a fucking priest thinks death is cool for someone he just disagrees with!!!! A fucking priest!

Like I said, there is no hope for our society. On days like this, when two unrelated stories merge together to provide reveal the true nature of our nature, I become despondent.

DD becomes ... despondent? The very same DD who wrote this? This is the same LGOMB where horrific wishes are thrust upon the conservative dead or dying on a regular basis, too.

Indeed, if "there is no hope for our society," our LGOMB is surely leading the way. The [sadly] hilarious thing is that they often write garbage like DD did above, pretending like they're some paragons of virtue.

And they really want to be taken seriously? Really??

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And let's not forget the charming comments that follwoed the death of Bob Novak.

Posted by: Rhymes With Right at September 2, 2009 08:41 PM

Wow, despondent- that's pretty dramatic. By the way, the guy's not a "priest," though I'm not sure about the f--king or not.

I'm glad we didn't have to endure 8 years of leftards hoping Dick Cheney would die, champagne-popping when Reagan died, and Bush assassination films etc.

But that's one guy who knew he could get attention if the video was posted on youtube. No doubt, he got some media attention and a visit from the US Secret Service.

I, for one, want no expense spared to protect the life of the President of the US, whether it's one I agree with, or the current President who I disagree with on pretty much everything. In particular, I want this one protected. In fact, if there was a citizen's auxiliary secret service, I would join it. I would do everything I could to protect him (oh yeah, and I'd rather die than hear the words "President Biden").

Posted by: BadIdeaGuy at September 3, 2009 09:38 AM

Does anyone take Delaware Liberal seriously? I read them more to point and laugh than anything else. (and also to highlight their intolerance and astounding bigotry when appropriate)

Posted by: mike w. at September 8, 2009 11:40 AM

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