September 02, 2009

GOP VA gubernatorial candidate' college thesis a big issue

... to the MSM, especially the Washington Post. Check out the WaPo search results for "Robert F. McDonnell."

Now, check out the search results for "Barack Obama college transcripts."

Or how 'bout "Barack Obama college grades"? Or "Michelle Obama college thesis"? Or "Michelle Robinson (her maiden name) college thesis"? That's right -- zero, zilch, zip, nada.

McDonnell currently has nine articles about his [controversial] master's thesis on the WaPo website -- possibly more, but I don't feel like registering to view "exclusive" articles.

What's his 1989 thesis all about?

The 93-page document calls for passing strong pro-life laws, the creation of a covenant marriage classification, welfare reform, fighting the redefinition of families to include gays and single-unwed mothers and preventing federal funding of state sex-education programs, family planning or contraception.

McDonnell claims he has repudiated much of what he wrote 20 years ago. And it seems the public doesn't care much what he wrote long ago.

Meanwhile, our president's college courses, grades, theses ... have never been made available. The president's wife, Michelle, wrote her college thesis on "Princeton-Educated Blacks and the Black Community," a politically correct racialist screed that garnered scant attention, pretty much only from conservative media.

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