August 30, 2009

For what it's worth ...

... our LGOMB (Local Gaggle of Moonbat Bloggers) recently attempted to make fun of fellow and Watcher's Council member Rhymes With Right over his "recent comments" section. Since I'm all too well familiar with the past spam issues at the blogs, let me elaborate for moonbat xstryker:

1) You doubted RWR's word that he shut down comments as he claimed, but he's telling the truth. Even though a may manually turn off comments via their Movable Type interface, some comment spam can still get through. Don't ask me how. But it would only appear on a "recent comments" section as well as the MT administrator interface we use, not the actual post in question. Like RWR, I removed my "recent comments" section as a result of spam issues.

2) RWR hasn't been as diligent as myself in dealing with the spam issue, so I'm in the know a bit more. I've taken the time to clean most of mine and have been in communication with's (yes, foreign) proprietor. He's installed a new spam zapper that has been most effective since its installation this past month or so. In this last month I've had to deal with maybe 20 spam comments total. This is quite an improvement over past spam zappers which would leave us to deal with well over 20 spam comments a day.

So, once again, the LGOMB fails. Surprise.

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