August 27, 2009

Need for Kennedy replacement = passing Civil Rights Act

So said Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick this morning on CNN:

[CNN anchor Kiran] CHETRY: There's been, of course, some pushback, some criticisms about this situation. The law was changed actually back in 2004 to prevent a Republican governor from nominating a Republican, if John Kerry won the presidency. Now some are saying it's hypocrisy. It's what benefits one party, not necessarily the good of Massachusetts for this temporary appointment.

What do you say to some of those criticisms?

PATRICK: Well, I think the hypocrisy is that some of the folks making those criticisms are the ones who made this very proposal back in 2004. They thought it was good then. If it was good policy then, it's still good policy. It's like saying that the Congress of the United States shouldn't have passed the Civil Rights Act because they hadn't done it before. They considered it and voted it down before.

Whaaaa ...? Oh, right -- there's only hypocrisy on the right because the right fought the change in the law that required a special election in 2004 -- which Democrats wanted, including a vociferous Ted Kennedy -- because if John Kerry had won the election then, Republican Gov. Mitt Romney would have named Kerry's successor. Suddenly, now, Kennedy (before he died) and the Dems feel that the law they themselves passed five years ago (they control the Mass. state legislature) is a bad idea!

Let's see -- why? Oh, I know! Because new governor Deval Patrick is a Democrat, and if he gets to choose a successor it'll be ... a Democrat! What a coincidence!

And is Patrick comparing [re]passing the replacement appointment power law to the Civil Rights Act (I assume, from the 1960s)? Really?? If so, isn't he essentially admitting that the GOP was so very morally right back in 2004? Sounds like it to me.

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