August 25, 2009

What Truly Shocks the Conscience

Seth Leibsohn on the Obama/Holder decision to name a special prosecutor to investigate CIA abuses:

Iím sorry but Iím left cold by this. The man who masterminded the actual murder of 3,000 Americans and changed our country forever, wanting to do more, was told that his children would be threatened if another attack took place. Letís recall what weíre actually doing right now: We use Predator drones to actually kill terrorists with missiles ó and we actually kill their children, friends, and relatives at the same time.

We truly have forgotten 9/11.

Back in 2001, without naming names, there were serious, intellectual people in Washington who spoke among themselves of doing things far worse than this to prevent another attack. There were learned moralists and foreign-policy experts who privately discussed schemes like threatening to target Mecca if another attack took place. Of course that never became policy, and it wasnít the administration, but that was the mindset of an awful lot of serious people.

Did we intern thousands of Arab citizens in this country, as FDR did with the Japanese? Did we execute saboteurs once we found them, as FDR authorized? Did we use weapons of mass destruction, as Harry Truman did? Did we suspend habeas corpus on U.S. citizens, as Abraham Lincoln did? No. We did not, and terrorists like KSM and Al-Nashiri, who has 17 dead U.S. sailors from the USS Cole on his hands, are given three squares a day, Korans, and prayer mats in our custody.

Indeed. If roughing up a guy like KSM to get valuable intel is so morally reprehensible, why in the hell would bombing him (and his family) to death via Predator drone be perfectly OK?

And what Leibsohn notes in his last paragraph above is what I've been saying for years now -- that Americans consider Lincoln to be one of, if not THE, greatest president in history despite his unilaterally ditching habeas corpus (a power reserved only for Congress), jailing and exiling political opponents for their views and speech, and condoning total war on civilians during the Civil War. FDR is an icon to the American Left, but note what he did above. Harry Truman OK'd the use of the most destructive weapon of war ever devised. And check it -- he had poll numbers like those of George W. Bush when he left office in 1953. But now? He's widely regarded as a successful president.

What George Bush did after 9/11 doesn't even approach the wrongness -- morally and legally -- of what these "great" and "successful" presidents did. And 9/11 was the most destructive foreign attack on American soil ever. The Obama administration's move for a special prosecutor was designed purely to deflect the discontent from his own policies back to his predecessor. Why else would Eric Holder go after the CIA now after Obama himself has said repeatedly that he has no interest in doing so? Doesn't Holder work for Obama?

The thing is, ultimately, this too will bite Obama in the backside. The American public as a whole has little sympathy for cold-blooded terrorist killers because some CIA agent threatened his family. To borrow from Jonah Goldberg from earlier today, just ask yourself if you sympathized with the guy in the chair from "Taken," or the Klansmen in the barber shop and the remote cabin in "Mississippi Burning."

Yeah. I thought not.

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Holding a drill by a guy's head? Not a big deal in my book, when you consider that al-Qaeda had a torture manual on how to actually use that drill on a captive before actually killing them?

Firing a gun into the ceiling? Hell, I'm disappointed that it wasn't fired into a leg or other non-life-threatening part of the terrorist's anatomy.

Threatening the kids? Sorry, that pales in comparison to actually killing kids.

For those who have forgotten it, we are not fighting against folks who follow or respect our customary rules. Other methods -- methods that the squeamish may find distasteful -- need to be employed. unfortunately, though, the squeamish have seized control of our government, and today are more interested in giving aid and comfort to the enemy by persecuting those who protect America than in giving aid and comfort to America by destroying those who would harm America.

Posted by: Rhymes With Right at August 25, 2009 09:37 PM

the 'squeaminsh' and the children have control of our government...they are way over their pay scale...Now, let me get this straight (no offense to gender benders there, not that theres anything wrong with that!),Obama says he not interested in this investigation, Holder goes for it anyway. Conclusion, Obamas chief of staff is for it so it happens, or this is pure politics and since the msm is in the admins back pocket, this won't be reported or if it is it will be cursory without any analysis. Business as usual in obamaworld and we the american people are the losers.

Posted by: cardinals fan at August 26, 2009 11:36 AM

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