August 16, 2009


Glenn Reynolds:

Remember how Bush was supposed to be the idiot who went into Iraq without a plan, while Obama was supposed to be the cool methodical one? But Reich is admitting that despite all the Administration hoopla, there’s still no plan. Or, possibly, that the White House has a plan, but won’t tell us what it is. And yet the people who don’t want to see a bill — some bill, doing who-knows-what — rammed through in the dead of night are somehow the ones who are ignorant and being manipulated. Right.

It sure is amusing watching administration defenders attempt to discredit anyone who questions the "bill," when these very same defenders at the same time say "there is no 'definite' bill yet." At least they're imitating The Messiah to a tee -- lying and making outrageous statements, then saying that "I didn't really say/mean that."

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