July 21, 2009

Honduras imbroglio: Oscar Arias helped cause it?

Did Costa Rica's Oscar Arias actually hinder his own so-called "mediation" efforts between ousted Honduran prez Mel Zelaya and new prez Roberto Micheletti? Dan Miller says yes:

Obama should state publicly that he is disappointed that Costa Rican President Oscar Arias’ mediation efforts failed and that Zelaya’s return to Honduras is about to cause a civil war supported by Chávez and his fellow travelers. Doubtlessly, Arias anticipated these things but continued to favor Zelaya in ways leading to the very civil war he was to avoid. Even before the meetings in Costa Rica were to resume on July 18, Arias publicly rejected any settlement not resulting in the immediate reinstatement of Zelaya and the ouster of Honduras’ interim president. Arias’ position coincided nicely with that of Zelaya and Chávez and was not a propitious one for a mediator. There was no incentive for Zelaya to soften his position, even as the interim government softened its own.

Indeed. How can you "mediate" a situation when you've already demanded a particular outcome?

Arias is deserving of respect for his first presidency and his past peace efforts, but now he resembles a certain Jimmy Carter. He is unpopular at home (although his party is likely to remain in power largely because the first woman to become president in CR's history is the prohibitive favorite in [early] next year's elections) and many feel he'll be "pulling the strings" of said woman, Laura Chinchilla, after her election.

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