July 19, 2009

Honduras "unity government" talks not going well

... according to the AP. Funny -- no mention of the story where ousted prez Zelaya had those election "results" already ready to go.

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Without a guideline such as in the 1983 Contradora plan that Oscar refined and used to win the 1987 “peace prize”, Mr. Arias must come up with something different for these Honduras talks. He is openly supporting the Castro Brothers et al, in their conquest of the western hemisphere.

Here is his plan, and this is why I will NEVER be a Nobel Peace Prize winner; I would never have thought of these seven fair and impartial points to resolve the crisis:
1. Exiled Dictator Zelaya triumphantly returns to his throne!
2. Zelaya rules over a “new” government formed from the same thieves and corrupt officials as in the past!
3. Expelled dictator Zelaya is FORGIVEN of all crimes against the Honduran people and constitution, both before and after June 28th. He is declared ABOVE all law!
4. Okay, so he can’t run his rigged 4th ballot box using his pre-programmed computers with election results declaring him the landslide champion of Honduras (He still insists that he will anyway).
5. Change the constitutional date for the election.
6. Move the military away from the executive branch (sheer brilliance from a country that has no military, eh?)
7. All the Zelaya fox pals (OAS, Chairman Insulza, Chavez, los hermanos Castro, Correa, Kirchner, Morales, Ortega, Funes, Arias, Mrs. Clinton-Obama) get to guard the henhouse.

Gee, why can’t I think of conditions that are so reasonable?

As for the results of the 1987 Nobel award winning “end of Central American Wars”, the secret civil war is still going on in Guatemala, even providing us with video tapes of assassinated opposition telling why they were killed, and Daniel “the daughter rapist” Ortega and his Sandinistas driving Nicaragua into dirt and stealing the national and municipal elections (and paying the HIGHEST gas and diesel prices in Central America, eh Venezuela? Great friends you are), and the FMLN now has CNN Correspondent Mauricio Funes in the guanacos president’s chair. That is what a peace (at any cost) prize is all about? No thanks, Mandela should have won the prize in 1987. However, the world is now fully socialist and Honduras has no option to remain free and truely democratic. Chavez calls the shots (literally). God bless Honduras and her true patriot people!

Posted by: Charlie at July 19, 2009 02:55 PM

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