July 16, 2009

Obama's Surgeon General pick fits neatly into his world view

Obama's pick of Regina Benjamin for Surgeon General brought to light an interesting fact about her: She serves on the board of Physicians for Human Rights. Now how can such a nice moniker mean anything but good? (Good question -- like, how can a title like "Human Rights Watch" be anything but innocent? Oh, I don't know ...) Let's take a gander:

The gentlemanís name [who founded PHR] is Dr. Jonathan Fine. Now, Dr. Fine is retired but I want you to look at this from the PHR site that describes the mantra of this organization:

Dr. Fine also led investigations into the massive use of tear gas in South Korea and chemical weapons against Kurds in Iraq. Under his tenure, PHR documented human rights violations in Colombia, El Salvador, the Balkans, Israel and the West Bank, and Iraq following the Persian Gulf War.

Okay, look at that more closely with me:

1. PHR looked into violations made by South Korea, not North Korea
2. PHR looked into human rights violations in Colombia but not Venezuela or Cuba
3. PHR addressed human rights violation in Israel but not in Gaza, Saudi Arabia or Syria
4. PHR investigated violations of human rights in Iraq AFTER the Persian Gulf War but has not investigated human rights violations in Iran, Pakistan, China or Russia. (Link.)

All of which seems to suit The Messiah just fine. After all, we can't "meddle" in the stolen election in Iran (and will promise to still deal with the authoritarian thugs responsible for the theft), but can easily denounce the impeachment and subsequent ouster of Honduran would-be dictator Mel Zelaya. Israeli settlements get vociferous denunciations, while the terrorists in Gaza get almost $1 billion.

And so on.

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