July 15, 2009

Only under a Democratic administration

The military was considering an all-out ban on smoking for active duty personnel; thankfully, in a rare occurrence of common sense, the idea was ditched.

Pentagon press secretary Geoff Morrell says "troops already are under enough stress and making enough sacrifices from fighting the two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan." 'Ya think? This is as stupid as the 21-year old drinking age across the land -- you can be 18 to kill a person (serving in the military) but you'd still be too young to buy a 6-pack outside the damn base. Now, you're shooting up terrorists to swiss cheese in Afghanistan, but don't DARE light up that Marlboro!

Cripes, what would happen to such a GI? Get thrown in the brig?

Posted by Hube at July 15, 2009 06:49 PM | TrackBack

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I'd like to say that things like this only happened in Dem administration, but right after Desert Storm in Bush '41 the US Army started grounding attack helicopter pilots for high cholesterol!? Let's see--a job that has a wartime survival rate measured possibly in minutes, and we declare you unfit based on a condition that might kill you in thirty years?

Unfortunately, the US military has always had its share of health nazis.

Posted by: steve Newton at July 16, 2009 09:19 AM

Cripes, what would happen to such a GI? Get thrown in the brig?

I think we've finally found an offense that the Democrats would support waterboarding people over.

Posted by: Paul Smith at July 16, 2009 09:40 AM

Steve: Agreed. I was basically trying to bust balls w/my title. ;-)

Posted by: Hube at July 16, 2009 10:30 AM

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