July 13, 2009

Well, gee

Our local gaggle of moonbat bloggers have a "new design." That's about all that's new, however. The same BS, self-deception and absolute intellectual vacuity continue. As an example, check out this statement from their "new rules":

Political debate can get personal here, and we expect name calling at times. Hell, we even engage in it from time to time.

"From time to time??" That's like saying the Khmer Rouge was "brutally violent every now and then." And then there's this beaut:

We are talking about racial, homophobic, sexist, ethnic, and antisemitic slurs. We are not talking about profanity or profane name calling. Calling someone an “asshole” is ok. Calling someone a “fag” is not.

Wow! What a substantive difference!! You can refer to someone as a f***ing demented microcephalic sh**face, but don't dare use that term for a British cigarette!! (I wonder if round-about references to homosexuality are permitted -- y'know, something like "limp-wristed" or "pantywaist," or references such as those regularly utilized by the DLers themselves like male-on-male oral sex terminology if you happen to agree with someone with whom they disagree. Don't bother asking, though; these "new rules" will be a colossal waste of time anyway as the whole operation there is nothing but a First State version of this insane site.)

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I suppose rules can be a good thing, and the amnesty was a nice gesture. However, theirs only give a vague idea of where the line is, as it seems there is still a lot of room for arbitrary enforcement. We should have seen it coming. I think this started when Unstable Isotope railed against the use of female body parts to describe others. As a result I've been hesitant to use words like "pussification", as in... "Jason is a prime example of the pussification of the American male".

Posted by: Miscreant at July 13, 2009 11:24 AM


Posted by: paul at July 13, 2009 11:30 AM

So where is the line after all? Sounds kind of crazy to me that "Calling someone an “asshole” is ok. Calling someone a “fag” is not." Body parts are permitted, I guess!

Posted by: nicolas celibataire at July 13, 2009 11:54 AM

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