July 10, 2009

Even more on Honduras

Miguel Estrada on the supposed Honduran "coup":

In the Los Angeles Times today, my friend and former colleague Miguel Estrada, one of the nation's best legal minds, provides the definitive explanation of why the ouster of aspiring dictator Manuel Zelaya was not a "coup," as the Obama administration mind-bogglingly claims. In fact, the removal of Zelaya from office was compelled by the Constitution of Honduras. That is, it represents, through and through, the rule of law the Obama administration would rather pay lip-service to than heed. As Miguel explains, the only dubious aspect of the episode is Zelaya's transfer to Costa Rica when, as a matter of law, he should have been arrested and tried for treason (power grabs of the type Zelaya attempted, Miguel notes, are officially defined as treason under Article 4 of the Honduras Constitution).

Bottom line: Hugo Chavez wants Zelaya in, the law of Honduras says Zelaya must be out; Obama sided with Chavez.

Well, what would you expect from a leader who came to office largely by complaining about the "illegalities" of the previous administration, and then by and large continues them? From a leader who refused to say anything about a dictatorship's obvious meddling in an election to steal it (Iran) until too late -- and still stated that he'd dialogue with said dictator(s)?

Here's four words to explain the situation: The guy is clueless.

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