July 06, 2009

Still more on Honduras

From The Corner:

It (The US) should not be joining some of the most undemocratic and corrupt leaders in the hemisphere, as it apparently has, in calling for the return of Zelaya to power. It should recognize that the Honduran Congress took a legal vote to remove Zelaya from office. The vote was 125 to 3 (if memory serves) including all but 3 members of Zelaya's own party. The man installed as president was next in line to the presidency (President of Congress) and of Zelaya's own party. This is not your typical military coup. There are no military in office.

Again, the reporting from the US MSM has been inept at best, horrific at worst. CNN en Espaņol has had excellent coverage, as has the local Costa Rican media.

Hans Bader has a thorough (and excellent) analysis.

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The Corner is correct. I am an ex pat living in honduras. The problem is that there was no clear path for impeachment when a wannabe Chavez dictator tells the other two Legitimate branchs of government to stuff it. Interesting that the hondurans delivered Zelaya, peacefully and unharmed to the Nobel Peace Prize winner. Was this forethought? Interesting that the entire ALBA/SICA group slapped honduras, threatened military invasion (Chavez) and Obama seems eager to "meddle" in Honduras in a way Mr. Obama claimed was counterproductive in Iran, where the stolen election in Iran was a far clearer subversion of democracy than the expulsion of Zelaya in Honduras.

Well, now Mrs. Clinton asks Arias to mediate.... hopefully a peaceful end to the standoff will result.

God bless all brave and true Honduran people who do not want Chavez ruining their country. Wake up Ticos! You could be next on the Chavez Ortega hit list!

Charlie in Honduras

Posted by: Charlie at July 7, 2009 03:44 PM

Thanks for your comments, Charlie. You're right -- Costa Rica'd better be careful. But, from what I've seen, despite Arias, the population understands why Zelaya was ousted and agrees w/it.

Posted by: Hube at July 7, 2009 10:50 PM

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