June 24, 2009

Costa Rica

Tomorrow, I'm heading back there for the first time in four years. As a matter of fact, Colossus of Rhodey started up during that time. My daughter will be celebrating her quinceañera, which is akin to a Bat Mitzvah but for Hispanic culture. It means "fifteen years." The whole trip will be a time of family and friends ... and a lot of Imperial.

Thus, blogging will be quite light. I'll have a 'net connection at the in-laws to check in occasionally, and I'm sure I'll post a few a reports about anything exciting that may happen (like an earthquake or me getting infected with a Botfly larvae).

¡Hasta entonces!

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have a great time and congrats to your daughter!

Posted by: cardinals fan at June 24, 2009 11:13 AM

Via con Dios!

Posted by: anonni at June 24, 2009 12:39 PM

Vaya con Diós actually, and I certainly appreciate that, amigo! :-)

Posted by: Hube at June 24, 2009 02:27 PM

I new the teacher would correct my spelling :-)

Posted by: anonni at June 24, 2009 02:56 PM

Hey Hube have fun!

When you said 4 years, I thought that does not sound right cause you were one of the blogs who gave me the idea to do a blog too. Then I remembered you started off as Hube's Cube? Was that it?

[so are you doing some "hiking" down there or is the wife going as well? [sarcasm].

Have a great time. Post some scenic pics if you can.

Posted by: AJ Lynch at June 24, 2009 06:29 PM

You got it, AJ -- "Hube's Cube" was my original blog.

The wife is going w/me, which is a good idea since we're staying most of time w/her folks! (Which is only a quarter mile down the street from the American embassy ... always a nice thing.)

Posted by: Hube at June 24, 2009 07:44 PM

I new the teacher would correct my spelling :-)

Emphasis added to explain why I found that so amusing.

Posted by: Paul Smith at June 25, 2009 11:10 AM

Any info on the Honduran coup?

Posted by: Rhymes With Right at June 28, 2009 11:55 PM


I blame a new staffer for the typo's and spelling errors. my how progressive of me :)

Posted by: anonni at July 1, 2009 10:33 AM