June 22, 2009

They must be fans of Keith Olbermann!

Among others, that is:

At a news conference Monday, Hassan Qashqavi, a Foreign Ministry spokesman, called the turnout a “brilliant gem which is shining on the peak of dignity of the Iranian nation.”

He accused unidentified western powers and news organizations, which are operating under extremely tight official restrictions, of spreading unacceptable “anarchy and vandalism.” But, he said, the outcome of the vote would not be changed. “We will not allow western media to turn this gem into a worthless stone,” he said.

Mr. Qashqavi drew comparisons with American election results.

“No one encouraged the American people to stage a riot” because they disagreed with the re-election of George W. Bush in 2004, he said. (Source.)

Who disagreed with it, aside from the usual moobattish loons? Hell, I would concede that the 2000 election would be a better statement, but it'd still fall short upon any reasonable examination.

Face it -- any comparison between voting in a religious oligarchy and the US representative system is just so much sophistry. Period.

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