June 12, 2009

How it'd go if slavery was still legal

Salon.com's Joan Walsh on pundits' views regarding abortion doctor George Tiller (before his murder):

Its demonizing a private citizen for doing a lawful job? Why are people doing that? Why is that acceptable?

Imagine if there was a World Wide Web back in the 1840s: "Why are people 'demonizing' these Southern slave-owners for doing what is clearly legal? Why are people doing that? Why is this acceptable?"

Yeah, it'd be pretty comical watching so-called "progressives" blasting/blaming the speech of abolitionists for violence against slave-owners, wouldn't it?

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Actually, they did. The same arguments were made for choice and respecting the rights of the slaveowner. Just substitute right to do what I want with my own property with body and it comes down almost word for word.

Posted by: david anderson at June 13, 2009 01:26 AM

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