June 05, 2009

A tale of badly misplaced priorities

Not only for this ... "family," but for the News Journal and the Wave, which covered this story first.

A complete dolt of a "student" threatened bodily harm to a teacher, and so the school district refused to allow the kid to attend the school's graduation:

Robert Storms Jr. will receive his high school diploma in the mail after he threatened to punch a teacher and was ultimately placed on social probation.

During that type of punishment, a student's classes are continued on a homebound basis, but he or she is not allowed on school property or at school events.

Sure makes sense and seems quite fair, right? Oh, but that is just TOO MUCH for poor Robbie and his family, who suddenly have discovered a "purpose" in life ('cuz for mom and dad it sure ain't parenting, that's for sure):

"It makes me angry to see my parents so upset about this," the senior said, donning his cap and gown on the edge of school property Monday night. "I went through 12 years of school here and they're not gonna let me walk?"

Storms' parents, Edith and Robert Sr., along with a group of friends and extended family members gathered outside the complex prior to the ceremony to protest.

Awwwww, it makes poor Wobbie angry!! I bet he's sooooo angry that he wants to bop another teacher!

The [unintentionally] hilarious part of this sordid tale comes later in the article. We get to see what type of ... "family" Robbie is a part of:

His (Robbie's) aunt, Lillian Mitchell, said her son, Anthony, graduated from SCHS last year despite being caught with drugs on school property.

"He was found getting high in school and all they did was make him get drug rehab," she said. "And even though he failed all them drug tests, they still let him walk. All Robert did was threaten someone verbally."

"I'm puzzled ... just real puzzled," Edith Storms said. "There's these other kids with more serious charges, like my nephew, and they let them walk. It's not right."

I'm puzzled too, Mrs. Storms. I'm puzzled at how so ridiculously misplaced your freakin' priorities are. I mean, check it:

"I don't care if I have to sell my house, I'm going after the school by any means needed," Robert Sr. said. "I spent all day today driving between here and Dover, talking to the boards of education, and got no answers. I want some answers."

Amazing. How 'bout selling your house to take some much needed parenting classes? How 'bout selling your house to get your kid (and nephew) some much needed counseling? How 'bout selling your house to purchase some much needed COMMON SENSE AND DECENCY???

Oh, and doesn't it seem like these folks are graduates of the Delaware Liberal School of Grammar?

UPDATE: Uber edu-blogger Joanne Jacobs has picked up the story, offering up her always-dry sarcasm (which I love!).

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common sense and decency indeed. I was shocked that our local paper 'the wave' published this...what a joke...giving voice to delinquent and his doltish units!

Posted by: cardinals fan at June 5, 2009 09:48 PM

If the media had any marketing savvy, it would print the story but mock the shit out of these no class imbeciles.

They are missing an opportunity to make a strong connection with their customers (the paper-buying public). 99% of Americans would agree these people are idiot scum.

Posted by: AJ Lynch at June 5, 2009 11:08 PM

Hey, he just threathened a teacher... no big deal. If he had threathened a cop or a judge or a lawyer, that would have been a big deal. Teachers are disposable...

OK, I'm becoming way too bitter, I think I need a vacation ;-)

Posted by: Prof Solitaire at June 6, 2009 07:57 AM