April 27, 2009

D.H.S. "misfires"

From the Boston Globe:

PARTISAN turmoil that lingered after this month's tea party protests reignited recently, when the Department of Homeland Security issued a report to federal and local law enforcement officials on right-wing extremism. The report detailed current economic and political factors that could enhance recruitment for extremist groups. Yet the report defined extremism in a way that implicates a huge portion of the political spectrum. Conservatives are right to be angry.

Worse, the report's depiction of an extremist describes the political beliefs of many Americans, saying that "many right-wing extremists are antagonistic toward the new presidential administration . . . immigration . . . and restrictions on firearms." But Americans have every right to oppose all three. Drawing a parallel, even implicitly, between specific political beliefs and criminal intent is something Americans must oppose, regardless of political affiliation.

But make no mistake -- that was precisely DHS's ... the administration's ... very intention. The idea is to label as "dangerous," "extreme" or whatever other perjorative completely legitimate political points of view. Our own local gaggle of moonbat bloggers does this all the time and then some. The premise is to make certain topics of discussion so anathema that people who may hold particular views will simply be afraid to discuss them, let alone debate them. As an example, ironically confirming Attorney General Eric Holder's past comments, many white Americans will refuse to talk about racial issues for fear of ... being dubbed a "racist."

Thanks to the current adminstration and its enablers, desiring tougher enforcement on immigration, believing in an individual's right to own a gun, and loathing the policies of the current presidential adminstration aren't just plain 'ol policy disagreements. They're attributes of a rightist extremist, and as such must be monitored by the government!

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