April 15, 2009

Oh, that liberal media!

CNN sure seems to have a hassle with the myriad "tea parties" going on around the country today. First, Anderson Cooper couldn't resist a lame sexual innuendo about them; then, correspondent Susan Roesgen didn't just cover the protests -- she confronted them:

Roesgen asked a man holding his toddler, "Why are you here today?" The man started to respond saying, "Because I hear a president say that he believed in what Lincoln stood for. Lincoln's primary thing was he believed people had the right to liberty and they had the right..."

But Roesgen cut him off him, saying, "But sir, what does that have to do with taxes? What does this have to do with your taxes?" She continued asking questions over his as he asked her to "let me finish my point." One crowd member was heard to yell "shut up" to the Roesgen.

When the man finished his statement about people having the "right to the fruits of their own labor" and "government should not take it," Roesgen began arguing with him again and other protesters began to get upset.

Roesgen backed away claiming that "you get the general tenor of this," tea party. "Anti-government, anti-CNN since this is highly promoted by the right-wing conservative network Fox and since I can't really hear much more and I think this is not really family viewing. Toss it back to you Kyra," Roesgen concluded.

Phillips followed by calling that assessment a "prime example of what we're following across the country."

Now, I actually could care not much that Roesgen asked some tough questions; however, where were all these "concerned" journalists covering the numerous anti-Iraq war protests during the Bush years and ... asking similar questions? Or showing the radical loonies who showed up to attend as somehow "representative" of all the protests?

Indeed, the coverage was sympathetic, serious, and kindred spirit-ish.

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