March 27, 2009

College diversity "oath"

It's now infecting one of the best engineering schools in the country, Virginia Tech:

Diversity accomplishments are a meaningful part of the faculty review process. Candidates must do a better job of participating in and documenting their involvement in diversity initiatives. Diversity accomplishments are especially important for candidates seeking promotion to full professor. Please use the categories developed by the Commission on Equal Opportunity and Diversity to prompt and organize diversity-related contributions. The categories may be found at section VII. C. 1. - 8. of the promotion and tenure guidelines. They are also available at Committees are asked to develop working expectations for department members, perhaps sharing good examples, and to review diversity contributions included in the dossier with those expectations in mind.

Of course, the always-excellent John Rosenberg is all over this, noting one of the (ridiculous) guideline examples, “Self-Education, Increasing Your Own Awareness”:

Participation in diversity awareness workshops on campus or off, attending harassment prevention training from EO Office, participation in CEUT reading group on multicultural/diversity topics, attending diversity-related programs to learn more about groups other than your own (Diversity Summit, identity group celebrations, Campus Climate Checkup, MLK events, special speakers, annual AdvanceVT and Scholarship of Diversity conferences, events hosted by Cranwell Center or Disability Services, special programs in your discipline or association, etc.); participating in an Undoing Racism workshop; learning another language (including American sign language) so that you might speak to current or prospective students, parents, or community members.

From my own perspective, how freakin' insulting is this garbage? We're talking about college professors here! First, the mere fact that they're employed by a modern university means that they're most likely exposed to the usual multi-culti/diversity swill ad nauseum as it is. Second, they're some of the best educated people in the country. But they'd have to attend an ... "Undoing Racism" workshop?? Cripes, it's bad enough at my level when we have to endure this nonsense -- like the time I had to listen to some fop "inform" me about Hispanic culture based on stuff he read from some book. All the while I've lived it. "Superficial" isn't a strong enough term.

Neither is "total balderdash."

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