March 19, 2009

Get rid of New Castle County Council and start over

Read this News Journal article about cretin Chris Coons and get sick to your stomach. Read this excellent Tyler Nixon post at DE Libertarian about same and get FURIOUS.

Meanwhile, DE Governor Jack Markell unveiled his brainchild of a state budget for the coming year, and it's a doozy. Again, DE Libertarian's on the case, this time via Steve Newton. He also asks some tough questions.

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UNBELIEVABLE! Wasn't 'ONE TERM' Markell supposed to be some sort of business/economics genius and this is what he comes up with...making state employees bear the burden with draconian cuts in pay?! What a jack a$$...hey, new name for markell, jacka$$ markell! Higher taxes I can see in such a poor economy, but cutting pay on top of tax increases?! Unbelievable...

Posted by: cardinals fan at March 19, 2009 06:22 PM