February 18, 2009

Pop-up update

Attention DE bloggers: If you're using the [Delaware] BlogNetNews updated blog feed (the java script) on your blog, beware of the automated pop-ups the script has recently begun generating. That was the cause of the pop-ups here at Colossus which prompted this post.

Thankfully, I have a computer guru buddy who tracked down the source. I dig (re: dug) BNN, but that sort of tactic -- without informing those who make use of their scripts and/or widgets (which already result in some free advertising for them) -- is just slimy. Hence, I've deleted the script ... which is a shame because it kept me up to date on what everyone was posting right on my own blog.

Guess I'll just have to go directly to their site now if I wanna check out the updates ...

Posted by Hube at February 18, 2009 08:39 PM | TrackBack

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Have you seen any problems with pages loading? In visiting two blogs run by friends who have a BNN feed, about every tenth time I visit their blogs the logo and all the stuff down the side loads, but all the posts come up blank. Could this be related?

Posted by: steve Newton at February 20, 2009 08:53 PM

As an additional note: even the BNN ratings widget has a script in it that can cause all the posts to disappear from your blog page when viewed in either Explorer or Firefox; deleting the widget remedies the problem.

And I thought BNN was supposed to be our friends....

Posted by: steve Newton at February 20, 2009 10:33 PM

I'm sure it's all related, Steve. They're probably just figuring out a way to get more of their ads read, but they're going about it all the wrong way.

Posted by: Hube at February 21, 2009 09:26 AM