February 12, 2009

'Ya think there'd be an "R" in there if he was a Republican?

Can't make it known that a fellow Democrat is criticizing The Messiah now, can we?

The mayor of Las Vegas has written President Barack Obama to say that his comments about companies using taxpayer money to visit Sin City are harmful.

Mayor Oscar Goodman is not asking for an apology, though, as he did a day earlier in a television interview.

Goodman says in a copy of the letter obtained by The Associated Press on Wednesday that he knows the president has an enormous burden in dealing with the economy, but that he should stop "calling out" individual destinations.

Obama said during a town hall meeting this week in Indiana that companies getting federal bailout money shouldn't take trips to Las Vegas or go to the Super Bowl on the taxpayer's dime. (Link.)

Elsewhere, what was former DC Mayor Marion Barry's political party again?

Oh, but when The Messiah hears the "pleas" of a Florida homeless woman, we read this:

[Henrietta] Hughes said she had been homeless after her son lost his job and, subsequently, their home. Although her son has been looking for work, Hughes says, so far, no luck.

The Fort Myers-Cape Coral area -- in heavily Republican Lee County, which went for GOP presidential nominee John McCain in the 2008 election -- has seen record housing foreclosure rates.

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There we go with the "Messiah" trash talk again. But that's Hube for you!

Since the Dems are indeed a big tent party, one would expect dissension and disagreement within the party. It seems to be going on all the time. Take the current thrashing going on between Reid and Pelosi right now over the Recovery and Reinvestment Act, as an example. I actually think this is a good thing, compared to the GOP who tend to behave in lock step. Some might admire the GOP for their demonstration of party discipline. I personally view it as a weakness, and prefer the way the Dems do it!

Posted by: Perry at February 13, 2009 09:17 AM

This has nothing to do with the topic, Perry. Read the comments rules or next time your irrelevant soliloquies get deleted.

Go off on tangents on your own blog. Don't have one? Get one.

Posted by: Hube at February 13, 2009 10:19 AM