January 22, 2009

Attention Perry: I told you he was The Messiah!

"Celebs compare Obama to Jesus, Gandhi":

Movie star Susan Sarandon compared President Obama to Jesus. Broadway and film actor Alan Cumming thought of him more like Mahatma Gandhi.

“He is a community organizer like Jesus was,” Sarandon said Tuesday night on the bright blue carpet leading into the Creative Coalition’s 2009 Ball at the Harman Center for the Arts in Chinatown. “And now, we’re a community and he can organize us.”

As opposed to before we were ... what, Mrs. Tim Robbins? (See how neatly this fits into my previous post from today? Before the Age of Obama, patriotism was just soooo passé.)

Cumming was mesmerized with Obama. “He’s like Gandhi or something,” he said. “He’s got that powerful, soulful thing in him.”

“I was there at the Mall,” [Anne] Hathaway explained with a bright smile. “[It was] the feeling of millions of people all there sending positive energy and having hope together.”

Stand-up comedian Jeffrey Ross lightened the mood by commenting as much on the frigid weather as on the mood of the day. “I got the chills literally and figuratively,” he said.

Actress Alfre Woodard got right to the point when it was her turn to speak. “I think we might finally grow up as a nation,” she said.

Really, Ms. Woodard? By treating a man with the feeblest prior experience ever for the toughest job in the world ... as a figure on par with Christ and Gandhi?


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Thing is, Hube, Rush, you and a few others decided to use "Messiah" as a pejorative! That is an insult all around!!

Posted by: Perry at January 22, 2009 06:33 PM

Oh please ...

Posted by: Hube at January 22, 2009 06:39 PM