January 19, 2009

Again -- why he's dubbed The Messiah

Doris Kearns Goodwin on "Meet the Press" yesterday (h/t to Media Blog):

Well, you know, the most important thing I think now is that all inaugurals have a certain emotion connected to them. It's a sacred renewal for our country. You feel like America can change suddenly because there's a new president there. But this one has an even more special moment....There's the fact that it's the first African-American being elected as a president....

Which will be so much bigger even than I think we know, when that moment takes place. And there's the fact that he's got literary capabilities. Very few inaugurals are remembered when you think about the speeches, except for the terrible ones like Harding. Mencken said they it was so horrible that it was glorious. So all those things together make it possible that this is going to be the most exciting in our memory. JFK is exciting after the fact because of the literary moment and because of Camelot that, that came after it. But I'm not sure at the moment that you had people all over the country, as is going to be happening here, in, in little living rooms, in diners, in bars watching this, taking the day as a sacred day.

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