January 17, 2009

I'm a celebrity so listen to me II

And who better to listen to than a blue-collar New Jersey rocker turned multi-millionaire?

Bruce Springsteen has launched an outspoken attack on the Bush administration, accusing the outgoing president of leaving a legacy of ruined lives and broken policies.

The "Born to Run" singer said that the US was now "suffering the consequences" of eight years of rule by a "very radical group of people" who had attempted to undermine the country's democratic values.

Describing President Bush's period in power as a "nightmare" for most Americans, the songwriter said: "We had a historically blind administration who didn't take consideration of the past; thousands of thousands of people died, lives were ruined and terrible, terrible things occurred because there was no sense of real history, no sense that the past is living and real."

In a rare interview, Springsteen said that President-Elect Barack Obama's election represented the triumph of the values and spirit he had attempted to capture in his music.

"His election was an incredible moment for someone who seemed to carry... enormous parts of American history with him. Someone who can reckon with the past, who can live with the past in the present, and move towards the future that's fabulous," he told Observer Music Monthly, in an article to be published on Sunday.

"And for the country to recognise that was a wonderful moment. This place we've been talking about, singing about ... it's alive. It isn't dead. It exists."

The Boss's next album is tentatively titled "Born to Kumbaya."

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