January 13, 2009

Rasmussen: Americans blame Palestinians for Gaza mess

56% say the Palestinians are responsible for the Gaza war; only 13% blame Israel.

Regarding the poll, Delaware's own Liz Allen said, "It's just the corporate media, run by Zionists and Zionist sympathizers, that rigged this poll." (No, she didn't really say that. But it certainly wouldn't surprise me one damn bit.)

More here.

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Stunning! Does that mean it's finally cool to blame Ray Nagin and Kathleen Blanco for the Katrina mess? I notice GWB is still too gracious to say anything of the sort, but come on! He sent the cops to Disneyland! Maybe some fine day, instead of "good job Brownie" we'll be quoting Blanco's epic line from 48 hours before landfall, "I believe that we are really prepared. That's the one thing that I've always been able to brag about."

Posted by: G Rex at January 13, 2009 06:45 PM