January 11, 2009

Remember how everyone was so concerned ...

... about a rise in anti-Muslim hate crimes after 9/11? Ain't happenin' with regards to Jews now (see also here):

"The state of terrorism - Israel - will be wiped off the planet, Inshallah."

Teheran? Ramallah? Islamabad? No, a speaker at yesterday's demo in Toronto. And, for those who patiently point out that measured criticism of Israeli government policies is not anti-Semitism, check out the lady yelling, "Jewish child, you're gonna f-in' die!"

This is what happens when "tolerance" and "multiculturalism" (actually, I should say their radical versions) hold sway. Brian Miller demonstrates one version of this nonsense today; the problem with these current [Western] pro-Palestinian/anti-Israel protests is that no one wants to criticize them TOO much because, well, Muslims in Canada are a minority just like Jews are.

Remember -- "tolerance," just like "hate crimes" statutes, are tailor-made for the majority (i.e. those of European decent). If there was a bunch of [white] Catholics protesting Hamas' continued terrorism -- especially using language similar to that found at the protests linked to above -- it's a winning bet that those [in]famous Canadian "human rights" commissions would be all over them like moscas en caca.

UPDATE: More here.

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