January 10, 2009

Spidey is an Obama fan

Avi Green over at Four Color Media Monitor dissects the "special issue" of Spider-Man due out next week, which is the first-ever issue of a comic to feature a president-elect on its cover:

I wasn't sure at first just what side Marvel's leftists would take, but now, it looks like any questions about their support for the president-elect have been answered.

Honestly, I think all those claims about Obama being a comic book devotee are greatly exaggerated; from what I read in past news item, it sounded as though he just collects them for their percieved monetary value. As for that fist-bump, don't get me started on how ludicrous it really is.

In addition, Avi points out Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada's nonsense:

"We do our best to be completely non-partisan and treat presidents with respect," Quesada says. "This is not so much a pro-Obama statement but a tip of the hat to having a Spider-Man fan in the White House."

Would McCain have gotten a special issue had he won?

Says Quesada: "If McCain was a Spider-Man fan, I'm sure he would."

To which Avi says, "I'm afraid I've got my doubts about that." Add me to those doubters, Mr. Green -- especially given the lengthy recent history of political bias in Marvel comics, and comics in general. My guess is that if John McCain won the election, we'd see him on this Spidey cover ordering the US military or the CIA to capture the Wall Crawler, and then have him sent to Gitmo. The only "fist bump" we'd see would be between McCain and some CIA interrogator.

Be sure to check out Avi's blog -- he does a terrific job slicing through the modern political B.S. found in comics these days.

Here's CNN's segment on this, including a brief interview with Quesada:

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What does that say about Obama? Bill Ayers, Reverend Wright, and now Spider "I sold my marriage to the devil" Man?

Why won't the mainstream media look into this?

Posted by: John P. at January 10, 2009 08:46 PM

"We do our best to be completely non-partisan and treat presidents with respect"

Um, didn't the Punisher pretty much threaten Littlebush's life a few years back? And Civil War? Hate-Monger as mastermind of a murderous anti-illegal immigration group? Hokey, hamfisted sob stories about the X-men's move to San Fran in search of 'tolerance'?

Surely Big Boy Quesadilla is being a bit facetious!

Meanwhile, Jack Kirby rolls over in his grave a couple more times...

Posted by: Degupunisher at January 10, 2009 09:10 PM

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