January 10, 2009

Is anyone stupid enough to fall for this?

"Kennedy seen as model for re-entry women" is the AP headline from yesterday. You buyin' it?

With her Camelot pedigree and Park Avenue address, Caroline Kennedy is not exactly the average American woman. But many women identify with her impulse to enter the work force after two decades of child rearing.

Kennedy's bid for the Senate has reignited the "mommy wars" between mothers with careers and those who take a break from paid employment. Like Kennedy, many women face resentment when they return to the work force after raising kids and doing volunteer work.

"She's a Kennedy, but she's a lot like us," was the headline of a Dec. 28 column by Anne Glusker in The Washington Post. "If you strip away the glamour, the name and the money, then Caroline is ... me. And many of my friends."

Oh, is that all? Just the glamour, name and [especially] money!

And there you have it, folks: Kennedy's desire to be named as Hillary Clinton's Senate replacement is mere ... "resentment" for her re-entering the workforce. And, after ... two decades of child rearing?? I wonder how many "everyday" women have the help that Kennedy had in raising her kids.


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