January 09, 2009

Change you can believe in

Obama Attorney General nominee Eric Holder on terrorists and the Geneva Convention:

One of the things we clearly want to do with these prisoners is to have an ability to interrogate them and find out what their future plans might be, where other cells are located; under the Geneva Convention that you are really limited in the amount of information that you can elicit from people.

It seems to me that given the way in which they have conducted themselves, however, that they are not, in fact, people entitled to the protection of the Geneva Convention. They are not prisoners of war. If, for instance, Mohamed Atta had survived the attack on the World Trade Center, would we now be calling him a prisoner of war? I think not. Should Zacarias Moussaoui be called a prisoner of war? Again, I think not.

"Change" you can believe in.

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On the other hand, he's all for letting terrorists who survive their attacks on US targets get an unsolicited presidential pardon.

That one really pisses me off, in part because I had been in one of the buildings they tried to bomb (they only managed to destroy the sailor on duty's Corvette) just hours earlier with my best friend and his father (who worked in the building).

Posted by: Rhymes With Right at January 9, 2009 09:17 PM