January 02, 2009

Dry Bones

Courtesy of the Israel-based Dry Bones cartoon blog.

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please watch this Video!

Dear All

For the sixth day Israel continue their massacre against the people of isolated Gaza. about 440 killed and . martyrs and more than 1750 injured with the support of the United states, immobility of Arab and international communities with only a mere verbal condemnations of unjustified violence against the Palestinian people. This was just a verbal accusation of unjustified violence against the Palestinian people.

Arabs, Muslims and Europeans went out into the streets to demonstrate and express their anger against the inhumane treatment suffered by the inhabitants of Gaza who are subjected to hunger, encroachment, and the violation of the all the principles of Human rights. this violence is not only against Hamas as announced by the Israeli media, but it has also affected the mosques, the Islamic University, houses and a school that depends on the United Nations relief for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA) and the Palestinian government buildings in Gaza; the most populated area in the world which increased the total number of civilians victims . Yesterday the Israeli army announced that Gaza has become a military area while relying on a number of additional troops and tanks to prepare for a new ground military invasion to Gaza.

In addition, Israeli armored forces attacked the boat ''Dignity'' which came from Cyprus and aimed to break the siege of Gaza
We ask you to help Gaza as soon as possible and immediately stop the Israeli massacre against the unarmed Palestinian people and ending the siege on Gaza, and the opening of the Rafah crossing point. The Egyptian authorities refused to open the crossing point in the absence of the Palestinian Authority, and the presence of international observers, and for fear of Israeli air strikes on the border strip in Rafah point while ensuring the transport of wounded Palestinians to the hospital in Egypt because of the shortage of essential medical tools In Gaza.

in the name of humanity And human rights, we ask you to rescue Gaza from the threat of genocide at the hands of the Israeli army

Posted by: Eldebug at January 3, 2009 06:33 AM

Amen Eldebug!

The cartoon speaks of "preliminaries", without mention of any of the points made by, for example, Eldebug. That's pure propaganda, which Hube latches onto in a flash, without due concern himself for the Gaza/Palestinian side, a concern which must be taken fully into account in order to fashion an approach to a peaceful resolution, finally.

Rosa Brooks, in her op/ed in today's News Journal, makes some good points, here with some of my own interspersed:
* Internal Israeli politics, re the upcoming election, may be driving the timing of this attack.
* The US Administration change, Bush to Obama, may result in a not as enthusiastic an unbalanced support in favor of Israel, a downer for any new Israeli regime, therefore better to attack Gaza now to box Obama in (See below.).
*A defeated Hamas will never go away, rather become more radicalized, which may negatively impact the US and the West with spreading Islamic radicalism and resultant stepped up terror.
*Thus, Israel has no viable political endgame (just like against Hezbollah in Lebanon), therefore in a sense they have placed themselves in a no-win situation, just like before.
*Their attack on Gaza has sparked outrage and protests throughout the Arab world (and elements of the West) resulting in destabilization of moderate Arab governments. How can this lead to future peace in the region?
*In fact, the attack fuels anti-western sentiment, especially anti-US, therefore promoting further terrorist activity. A paranoid US works to Israels favor, furthering their strategic position in the Middle East, supported by the US. Will Obama fall for this?
* The ball is in the US court. Without our support, Israel will weaken, perhaps even become more desperate regarding the nuclear situation. Hopefully Obama will pick up the ball and really go for the Middle East peace hoop for a change.

For further reading: "Israel can't bomb its way to peace" by Rosa Brooks

Posted by: Perry the Hypocrite at January 3, 2009 12:06 PM

Sorry, Hube, but these attacks on Gaza and the Palestinian people are indefensible. And wait..I don't have any sympathy for those who would, and have done likewise, to innocent Israeli's but 'we' as a society don't need me to deplore those latter attacks. For some unfathomanable reason we will defend Zionists regardless and if enough sympathy is not afforded they pull out the Holocaust, how persecuted have been the Jewish people and still are today. They need to move on just as we do and realise that the entire world cannot, forever, pay for someone else's heinousness. The numbers of dead today may not be as great but the actions are very little better, even less the motive behind them. Time we got it through our heads Arabs, Muslims, are NOT the only terrorists in the Middle-East.

Follow the link...this is not a first for Israel and words fail me, yet again, on how we allow them to get by without retribution. We need to have someone who has guts enough to say "Enough". To take those leaders to the World Court and treat them as the criminals they are. For a country which lays claim to leading the world in Human Rights, we either suck or are selective to suit our own ends.


BTW...the source of the above link isn't important (being well aware that it is and has been much maligned)...the details are.

Posted by: Nancty Cleveland at January 3, 2009 01:22 PM

Screw all of you. If you had your way another f***ing Holocaust would occur and you'd sit back and simply demand more "diplomacy."

Posted by: Hube at January 3, 2009 01:34 PM

And I'm sorry, in particular to Nancy with whom I enjoy dialoguing with, but that's really how I feel. I believe you are seriously suffering from a [dangerous] myopia, and an insane level of moral equivalence ... all with little regard to historical fact.

Posted by: Hube at January 3, 2009 03:12 PM

Whoa...that is so WRONG and you surely know it! (And, BTW you just proved my point about invoking the Holocaust...) I'd just like to see one previously persecuted group not visit the same on someone else. You know, Hube..."Do unto others..."?? Tell me honestly why you think we are in the minority for defending Israel time and time again, regardless of whether it's bombing Gaza, refugee camps, or ships in International waters while most other nations decry it for what it is. I'm not a follower, not a sheep by any means, but on this one I am with the majority but I'll gladly try to understand your reasoning.

Posted by: Nancty Cleveland at January 3, 2009 03:22 PM

I said "if you had your way," Nance, not that you WISHED another Holocaust to occur.

Let me ask you: Why is it that Europe and elsewhere in the world get beyond worked up each and every time Israel defends itself? Why? Where are all these headline-making protests and marches about the genocidal actions of dictators in Africa and Asia ... y'know, guys like Mugabe? Where are all these protests and marches "across the globe" when Hamas is lobbing missiles into Israel on a DAILY basis, Nance? AFTER Israel unilaterally withdrew from Gaza?

Let me ask you: What would YOU have Israel do to "solve" the perpetual peace problem? And please try to use just a dose of realism.

Posted by: Hube at January 3, 2009 03:28 PM