December 29, 2008

For some reporting outside the MSM on Israel-Gaza ...

... go to Meryl Yourish, Soccer Dad, Daled Amos and Mere Rhetoric.

The odious Liz Allen, perpetual talk radio caller-in, called in to the Mike Matthews Show on DE Talk Radio about an hour ago, and listening to her defend Hamas at every turn was ... nauseating, to say the least. I know Mike is pals with Liz, but he tactfully (and only HE could have done it tactfully) pushed and prodded Liz when it counted, and in my opinion he (tactfully) made her look like an ass. I was tempted to call in, but I was cooking dinner and wanted to retain somewhat of an appetite. But here's a few clues for 'ya, Liz, based on a few of the more obvious boners you spewed:

1) The Palestinians haven't been "occupied" by Israel for 60 years as you said at least twice. Gaza and the West Bank have been under Israeli "occupation" since 1967 which, by my math, equals 41 years.

I put "occupation" in quotes because, well, who "occupied" those areas prior to 1967? Palestine? Huh? What do you mean there wasn't a state called "Palestine?" Jordan and Egypt administered those regions prior to 1967? Say what?? Why??? Which brings me to my other clue:

2) You kept ragging on the "right" of Hamas to engage in their terrorism based on the rights established by the United Nations, and continually cited the UN as the overriding administrative factor in all this -- especially regarding how many UN resolutions Israel has "violated." But you neglected the most important UN edict of all in this entire matter: The original 1948 UN plan which established two sovereign states, one Jewish and one Arab (Palestinian). The latter refused the plan and in turn (along with other Arab states) attacked the nascent Jewish state (and lost). Get it? The Palestinians refused to accept the UN offer of a sovereign homeland from the start. In other words, they violated the United Nations.

UPDATE: I forgot to include this Liz whopper from yesterday: She actually said (more than once) that Hamas has not been lobbing rockets into Israel. When pressed about the evidence, her response? "It's from the 'corporate media.'"

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