December 28, 2008

Remember! C.o.R. on DE Talk Radio TOMORROW!

Don't forget -- I'll be taking over "The Maria Evans Show" from 9-11am EST tomorrow. At 10:30, I'll have on a pop culture icon -- best known in the comicbook realm, but even a layman will be familiar with some of the characters he created or helped to create -- who's been living right here in DE for over 20 years.

Before that, I'll be joined by Colossus R&D man "Gooch" for a discussion about politics, education and a segment I call "What's My Beef?" In addition, we'll be offering up some New Year's resolutions .... and taking yours!

Call toll-free: 888-645-8990.
Listen to the stream: Delaware Talk Radio.

UPDATE (12/29 at 3:35pm): Thanks to all who tuned in. I got a few e-mails from folks I know outside the US who caught the stream and they dug the discussion. Thanks! Special thanks go to [Delaware] pop culture icon David Michelinie for the 10:30 segment about Iron Man, Spider-Man and comics in general, as well as to Maria Evans who braved her [improving] illness to assist me at the control board!

"Gooch" was unable to make it because he came by tickets to yesterday's Eagles game and didn't get home until the very wee hours. Understandable, my friend.

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Hube, caught the last half hour or so...sounded good...did not know that guy mentioned in high school had dyslexia...

Posted by: cardinals fan at December 29, 2008 01:57 PM