December 24, 2008

Watcher's Council submissions

The Christmas/Hanukkah edition:

* The Provocateur - Obama Engulfed By Pay to Play?
* Rhymes With Right - Impeach Jerry Brown
* Joshuapundit - Cheney Slaps Biden Upside The Head
* Bookworm Room - Destruction of Property
* The Glittering Eye - How to Give a Bonus
* The Colossus of Rhodey - *Yawn* Lincoln “parallels” for Obama
* Cheat-Seeking Missiles - Gay Anger At Warren Unwarranted
* Bookworm Room - The Symbol of Oppression
* Soccer Dad - Don’t get too chummy with that flaming dummy
* Right Truth - Re-evaluating America’s Biggest Threat
* Mere Rhetoric - Smug Liberal Sophistication Undisturbed By Decades Of Disastrously Wrong Domestic And International Predictions

Check out the non-Council submissions here.

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