December 28, 2008

Top 100 Comicbook Battles

To add to this post, Comic Book Resources has the Top 100 Comic Book Battles of All-Time as voted on by fans. The one's I've seen/read are in bold; needed commentary is added where absolutely necessary!! Here we go ... !!

100. Superboy Prime vs. the Teen Titans

99. Skurge vs. the Forces of Hel

98. Squadron Supreme vs. the Redeemers (at left) (The Squadron Supreme is Marvel's version of DC's Justice League; however, I've never seen a super-team have to deal with such adversity as that suffered by the SS. Pick up Mark Gruenwald's phenomenal SS trade paperback for some high-quality entertainment! The SS's battle against the Redeemers is at story's end.)

97. Superman vs. Batman (New Frontier)

96. Thanos vs. Warlock, Captain Marvel, Avengers, Thing and Spider-Man

95. Ogami Ittō vs. Yagyū Retsudō (Final Battle)

94. The DC Heroes vs. the Center

93. Spider-Man vs. the Hobgoblin (Amazing Spider-Man #249-251)

92. Silver Surfer vs. Thor (Silver Surfer #4)

91. Wolverine vs. the Hulk (First Battle)

90. Spider-Man vs. Sinister Six (First Battle)

89. Superman Prime vs. Ion

88. Avengers vs. Nefaria (First Battle) (A classic three-part saga by the awesome Jim Shooter and the equally awesome John Byrne. There has rarely been a better scripted and drawn all-out donneybrook!)

87. Captain America vs. Red Skull (Cosmic Cube)

86. Spider-Man vs. Firelord

85. Authority vs. Kaizen Gamorra (The Authority is a leftist's super-team wet dream-come true. Lefties will love what the team does because it is "right;" however, if George Bush had done even one tenth of one percent of what the Authority does, the calls for his war crimes trial would be overwhelming.)

84. Punisher vs. Barracuda

83. The Ultimates vs. Thor

82. Flash vs. Zoom (First Battle)

81. Deathstroke and Terra vs. the Teen Titans (The Judas Contract)

80. Spider-Man vs. Venom (First Battle) (Be sure to tune in to my Delaware Talk Radio gig December 29 for more on this one!)

79. X-Men vs. Cassandra Nova

78. Thing vs. Champion

77. Mr. Fantastic vs. Dr. Doom (Timeslip)

76. Captain Britain (and friends) vs. The Fury

75. Wonder Woman vs. Mind-Controlled Superman (Sacrifice)

74. Batman vs. Cops in Year One

73. Superboy Prime vs. Superboy

72. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen vs. Martians

71. Avengers and Justice League vs. Krona

70. Wolverine vs. Sabretooth (Right before the Age of Apocalypse)

69. Spider-Man vs. Morlun (First Battle)

68. Doom vs. Beyonder

67. Magneto vs. Apocalypse

66. Swamp Thing and Friends vs. The Soul off Darkness (American Gothic)

65. Thor vs. Iron Man

64. Batman vs. Superman (Hush)

63. Batman vs. Raís Al Ghul (First Duel) (Never read these issues; however, they come highly recommend by any comics fan who've read 'em. Art is by the great Neal Adams at his pinnacle.)

62. Supergirl vs. Anti-Monitor

61. Batman vs. Joker (Dark Knight Returns)

60. Wolverine vs. Sabretooth (Mutant Massacre)

59. Superboy Prime vs. Supermen

58. The remains of the JLA vs. Darkseid

57. Punisher vs. the Russian

56. Superman vs. the Elite

55. Nova vs. Annihilus

54. Colossus vs. Juggernaut

53. Fantastic Four plus Friends vs. Galactus

52. Superman vs. Muhammad Ali

51. X-Men vs. Magneto (Fatal Attractions)

50. Jesse Custer vs. Cassidy

49. Thor vs. Beta Ray Bill

48. Hulk vs. The Superheroes of New York City

47. Flash vs. Professor Zoom (Return of Barry Allen)

46. Spider-Man vs. Kraven (Kravenís Last Hunt)

45. Heroes vs. Villains (Secret Wars)

44. JLA (with a spotlight on Batman) vs. Hyperclan

43. We3 vs. The Government

42. Batman vs. Bane (Knightfall)

41. Batman vs. Joker (Killing Joke) (One of the better Batman stories of all-time.)

40. The Battle of Fabletown

39. JLA vs. Avengers

38. Superman vs. Mongul

37. Daredevil vs. Nuke

36. Ultimates (and friends) vs. The Liberators (For a good Colossus synopsis, see here.)

35. Jesse Custer vs. Jody

34. Daredevil vs. Bullseye (Daredevil #181; at left) (One of the best all-out slugfests ever! Many of the lines in the "Daredevil" movie were lifted verbatim from this issue.)

33. Superman vs. Lex Luthor (All Star Superman #12)

32. The X-Men vs. Magneto (in the Volcano Base)

31. JSA vs. Dynaman

30. Thor vs. The Midgard Serpent

29. X-Men vs. Dark Phoenix (Not as good as the X-Men vs. the [Shi'Ar] Imperial Guard vs. Dark Phoenix, though!)

28. Legion of Superheroes vs. The Forces of Darkseid

27. The Final Battle of Civil War

26. Morpheus vs Choronzon

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