November 30, 2008

Epitome of a billionaire nutjob

Ted Turner is at it again. Check it out this time:

  • The KGB was an "honorable place to work." He compared it to working at the FBI.
  • He compared the US invasion of Afghanistan following 9/11 to the Soviet invasion of the country in 1979.
  • He further compared the US invasion of Iraq in '03 to the Soviet 1979 Afghan incursion.

Kudos to "Meet the Press" host Tom Brokaw for calling Ted out (at least) on the Afghanistan comparison:

TURNER: Well, we invaded Afghanistan, too, and it's a lot further -- at least it's on the border of the Soviet Union or the former Soviet Union or Russia. A lot of these countries have changed names several times.

BROKAW: But, Ted, don't try to go there in terms of justifying that. I mean, it is, the fact is that the Russians, it was a naked aggression-

TURNER: Why can't I try and justify it?

BROKAW: It was naked aggression on the part of the Russians at the time.

TURNER: Well, going into Iraq was naked aggression on the part of the United States.

BROKAW: Yeah, but big power politics and changing big power politics requires everyone to come to the table, and that includes the Russians, not just the United States.

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Remember, this is the guy who told a Soviet dissident that his problems weren't all that important.

But let's be honest -- if he had cash invested in Germany during the1930s and 40s, he'd have kind words to say about the Gestapo.

Posted by: Rhymes With Right at November 30, 2008 07:46 PM