November 23, 2008

Always nice to be interviewed by a sympathetic ear

Former Weather Underground dude and Barack Obama pal Bill Ayers on the show "Democracy Now!"

One is, I was not a terrorist. I never was a terrorist. And the idea that the Weather Underground carried out terrorism is nonsense. We never killed or hurt a person. We never intended to.

It is accurate that the W.U. was not directly responsible for the deaths of anyone, they were responsible for a prodigious amount of property damage. Ayers himself "participated in planting a bomb at a statue dedicated to riot police casualties in the 1886 Haymarket Riot confrontation between labor supporters and the police." Three of Ayers buddies accidentally offed themselves when the nail bomb they were assembling accidentally detonated. They had planned to plant this bomb at a Fort Dix social dance. Not exactly the "never intended" to kill that Ayers stated in that interview, eh? And this doesn't even get into Ayers' involvement in the bombings at the Pentagon, the Capitol Building and New York City Police HQ in 1970-72. Years after the W.U. dissolved, a few of Ayers' former pals were involved in a bank robbery and ended up murdering a security guard and two police officers.

Nevertheless, in the warped mind of radicals like Bill Ayers, it is somehow not "terrorism" to wantonly destroy property. As long as the "intent" wasn't to kill anybody, it somehow is not terrorism."


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